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Writing is like Directing a Movie in your Mind

So many times I'll be writing and the phone will ring or a family member will come in to speak with me-I try to do most of my writing when nobody's home to help prevent these types of interruptions-but when they occur, they really break me from the spell writing puts me under. My husband said it best when he described my writing as if I'm directing a movie in my mind. It's so true. I see the characters, place them where I want them to be, recite their lines, and feel their emotions as if I'm playing the characters myself. So when someone interrupts, it breaks me from the character whose mind I'm currently in. Then I have to get back into that character's mindset when I start up again, similar to how an actor playing a scene would have to do after a director calls, "Cut." It's actually an amazing and exhilarating process. When I finish writing a manuscript or complete reviewing line edits, for the most part I'm mentally and physically exhausted the day after. All of the emotions and up and downs the characters go through, I too experience in my mind and it hits hard. I usually need a day to regroup. It's emotionally draining but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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