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I've tried it several times, never quite succeeding, but try it again anyway. Who knows, one day I might just get it.

Life is a lot like juggling.

If one could see my internal state of affairs, this quote sums it up at the moment. Yet, what I present to the world is cool and collected. I am a master at doing that.

I have Hold Me and Promise To Fulfill in second round edits. I just got Eternity (Hilltops Novella) back from first round so will attack that manuscript now. Risk Worth Taking is still in first round edits. Two of the four covers are completed. I have to say, they kick ass. You'll get a sneak peek soon.

That's the book front.

Now add in my other jobs of managing my husband's practice, home life, and the kids.

The result?

A spinning head that doesn't know which way to turn first.

I've got my jumbo calandar with deadlines, so I know which things have to be done and by when. I've also got my daily planner with schedules and such of life events.

The one thing I added to my planner this morning, volunteeering at my son's school for the fall party next week. These are the things I don't take for granted. The memories to be made and shared. The quality time with my children, time that can't be given back once it's taken away. These moments give me inner satisfaction because with a son in college, I know how fast kids grow and time flies. I want to embrace all that I can before they all leave the nest. My heart still longs for my son who's away. Being a mom is being a mom, even when our kids are grown up.

So with all of the juggling of daily life tasks and activities, let's cherish those special ones we won't get a second chance at. Time only moves forward. Let's take a breather and jump at these opportunities. And like with juggling, keep picking up the things we drop and try again. Giving up isn't an option. Many times, especially lately with so much going on, I tell myself I can't continue to write and work for my husband. It's too much.

But as I said, giving up isn't an option. Breathing, reprioritizing, and giving ourselves some slack is.

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