Delve into Adult Romance Author Faith Starr who brings bold heroines and alpha males together, creating everlasting love with Happily Ever After endings. But be warned, the journeys she'll take you on might just heat you up in the best way possible. 

Destiny - Hilltops Series - Book One 


I needed a real-life perspective of the BDSM lifestyle for my Psy.D. dissertation. Noah Dorian, Dom and owner of an exclusive club, agreed to help me, but not in the way I expected.

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Remember Me

Music For The Heart: Book Four

Release Date: 2/18/20

A rock star.


An activities coordinator at a memory care center.


One has secrets.


The other is living a double life. Fate brings these two lost souls together, but it comes at a price.










Love has a way of conquering all. Will it for Lizzie and Ryan?





In the works...

The Right Time - Music For The Heart - Book Five

Mason and Marlow's Story!

Holding Out - Music For The Heart - Book Six

Nick and Caitlyn's Story!