Delve into Adult Romance Author Faith Starr who brings bold heroines and alpha males together, creating everlasting love with Happily Ever After endings. But be warned, the journeys she'll take you on might just heat you up in the best way possible. 

Destiny - Hilltops Series - Book One 


I needed a real-life perspective of the BDSM lifestyle for my Psy.D. dissertation. Noah Dorian, Dom and owner of an exclusive club, agreed to help me, but not in the way I expected.

Sinful Agreement

A Novella






“If you’ll please excuse me, I’d like to change into my dress.”

“Oh, my dear girl, I’m not quite done with you yet.”

Christ. What now? He had already taken me to dinner with his hoity-toity friends and their slutty dates. In my opinion, we’d had a full night of activities.

“I thought you said we would go to dinner and finish at the club.”

“But we didn’t exactly finish, did we?”


In the works...

Steam's opening act On The Fence will get

a turn to shine on the stage.

Each of the four boys in the band

will get a starring role!

Sinful Agreement - a standalone novella -

release date June 12th 


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