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The Hilltops Series:
Destiny - Book One

I needed a real-life perspective of the BDSM lifestyle for my Psy.D. dissertation.                            

Noah Dorian agreed to help me, but not in the way I expected.                                                         

I believed I would only observe and conduct interviews with members at his exclusive club, never once thinking I would become an active participant.                                                                        

I'm strong, intelligent, and assertive, and by no means submissive.                                              

The more exposure Mr. Dorian gives me to the lifestyle, the more intrigued I become, especially by him.                                                                                                                                                

It's too bad my heart has to jump ahead of itself and fall for a man closed off from sharing his own.            

Purity - Book Two

I love to party hard in the bedroom. Why wouldn't I? I'm a Dom, I'm rich, and I own an exclusive club catering to those who like to play outside the box sexually.

Then I met Emily Jenkins and my life changed.

Hearts were broken.

Trust was betrayed.

Lies were discovered.

Now I only hope she'll give me a chance to explain.

Diversity - Book Three

I have one priority: to successfully manage my exclusive club.    


Then Allie Emerson entered the picture.               

Still, I can't let anything, and I mean anything, distract me from my job.


Not even her, with her sexy dance moves, tight little body, confidence, intelligence, and sassy mouth.   


But something is happening to me. I'm having thoughts and feelings I've never before experienced.


I can't explain it. But I know damn well Allie is responsible for it.           

Music For The Heart Series:


Hold Me - Book One

Joey has a knack for writing songs that make women swoon. It’s no wonder his band, Steam, is burning up the alternative charts.


He is living the sexy rock-star life, ladies galore. No strings or feelings attached. That’s just how he likes it.

Teva wins a meet and greet with the band, thanks to her best friend who is a diehard fan.


Teva is into her studies and career. She has no time for romance or the drama that comes along with it.  

When the two meet their worlds collide and things will never be the same.


How can two people who live completely different lives make it work? Is their passion enough to withstand the pressure of Joey's celebrity status, let alone both of their traumatic pasts?

Promise to Fulfill_1650x2400.jpg

Promise To Fulfill - Book Two

Trevor Stone, the smooth and sexy drummer of an alternative rock band, has his eyes set on the one woman he can’t have.

Dani Fine is keeping a past secret close to her heart. A secret only one other person knows.


Trevor’s promises to his bandmate and Dani conflict with each other.

Is staying true to his word worth losing everything that is important to him?


Someone is bound to get hurt.


Risk Worth Taking - Book Three

Logan Trimble, the guitarist and bad boy of a famous alternative band, has been burned to the extent that he uses women in an effort to mend his broken heart.

Drew Sanders is the love that got away.

A vacation brings the two of them together unexpectedly.

Logan finally has a chance to right his wrongs.

But how can Drew trust a man who betrayed her and ruined her for all others?

Sometimes taking a risk is the only way to find out.


Remember Me - Book Four





Ryan Josephs of the band On The Fence has experienced both, which is why playing it safe with groupies has worked to his benefit. No strings attached. No emotional ties.


Then he meets Lizzie, the activities coordinator at the memory care center where his grandfather resides.


Lizzie has secrets.


Loads of them.


Secrets that could jeopardize everything she’s worked for if discovered.                                                                            


Too bad being romanced by a rock star means being thrust into the limelight where everything you’ve worked so hard to protect can be exposed to the public.

The Right Time_500x750.jpg

The Right Time - Book Five

Young love with the promise of forever

Until reality kicks in and life gets in the way


A rock star on tour


A student pursuing her academic dreams


A media nightmare


A Hollywood scandal


Will it ever be the ‘Right Time’ for their love, or will the obstacles in their lives keep them apart?



Sinful Agreement

Abigail Winters needs money. A lot of it.

When someone's life is on the line, you don't ask questions. You just do what needs to be done.

A sinful agreement is her only option.


Things change when Gabriel Harcourt, her sexy neighbor, enters the picture.

Is trusting Gabriel worth jeopardizing her financial agreement?

Is a chance at love worth the risk?

Hilltops fans will get to re-visit the club!

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