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Where Did Idea For Destiny Come From?

Believe it or not, I was on a cruise with my husband when out of nowhere, while walking on an outside deck, the idea came to me about writing a love story about a psychology student doing research on the BDSM lifestyle. I had read many romance books in the genre as I am an avid reader of erotic fiction. The most important thing to me was to make my characters believable with real insecurities and life challenges. I feel all three books in the Hilltops Series accomplish that task. I began writing notes about Noah and Jordin in a spiral notebook, something I still do to this day when considering new story lines and plots. At that time, the idea of Purity and Diversity weren't part of the big picture. I brainstormed ideas, bounced them off my husband's creative brain, and started to have clarity about who Noah and Jordin were as individuals and what I wanted them to experience in their lives. During the writing stage, the idea came to me to continue the story line but from Mitch and Derek's

perspectives because I had too many thoughts flowing through me for Destiny to be a stand alone novel. Ideas about Derek came to me while writing Destiny; therefore, his story would be next. As soon as Emily was born, I knew exactly what the title of the book would be. I would jot down my thoughts as they came to me for future reference. Once I started writing Purity, ideas came to me about Allie and Mitch's story. Again, I wrote all of them down in my handy, dandy notebook. While writing one particular scene between Jordin and Mitch in book three, the name of the book came to me. I'm sure when you read Diversity, you'll know exactly which scene I'm referring to. So with each manuscript, ideas came to me about their companion stories. The same process presented itself with the new rocker trilogy I'm currently working on as far as character development and where each adventure would go, except in this case, I knew ahead of time I would write a trilogy. All three stories have already been written and I'm in the early stages of editing before moving forward, something I have since learned can take quite a bit of time, perseverance, and more importantly, patience, patience, and a double scoop of patience on top. But in the end, it doesn't matter how many months or years it takes to get my stories from me to you, idea to ebook, the process is definitely worth all of the emotional ups and downs the journey takes me on.

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