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Long Gone But Not Forgotten

These are lyrics taken from a song written by Joey Fine, lead singer and keyboardist of the band Steam, Hold Me, Music For The Heart - Book One.

Of course I gave Joey the lyrics to write. In his situation, his purpose for writing them means something completely different than how they ring true to me. I find it interesting how the mind works. These lyrics were written months ago and have come to mean something very personal to me, same as they do for my hero in the novel.

On some level, I guess that's the beauty of reading and writing romance. An emotional connection to a line, a character, or a situation is made that pushes me to look within.

Next week would have been my father's birthday. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him. The crushing pain has lessened as the month's without him go by, but part of my heart will always be missing the piece he filled.

A conversation this week had me realizing how easy it is to blame others for whatever is going wrong in our lives. I guess it's true what they say: with age comes wisdom, because at this point I know blaming people, places, or things is useless. Things are what they are. People do the best they can with where they are at in their lives.

Reflecting on my relationship with my father, I feel grateful that today I can look back on it with love, positivity, and gratitude. He taught me a hell of a lot about being a kind and spiritual person. The kind of person he was at heart.

My father may be gone but he will never be forgotten.

As his "birthday" approaches, I will reflect on all the inner growth I've been able to achieve because of the lessons and guidance he gave me.

Happy birthday, Dad.

May all of you too let blame go and look within to find peace, acceptance, and meaning.

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