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This One's For You, Dad

My inspiration to write again comes at the time of my father's upcoming birthday. Sadly, this year he isn't here to celebrate it with the family.

Alzheimer's didn't allow him to know I was writing and publishing books. I know he would've been so proud of my accomplishment too. So, my newest manuscript "Remember Me" is dedicated to him, something that will live on forever, as he will in my heart.

On The Fence is the opening band for Steam (Music For The Heart Series). Book one is currently underway. It brings personal experience of seeing someone you love suffer from Alzheimer's into the mix as the characters have to deal with their own loved ones suffering from this brutal disease that steals your memory.

Of course it is done in a positive light, with spicy romance, passionate love, a happy ever after ending, and most of all, the importance of cherishing loved ones in your life.

This new book is for you, Dad. You may not be able to share in my writing journey with me physically, but I know in spirit you are.

And yes, the tears are rolling down my cheeks but it's all good. This new story is helping me work through the grieving process, keeping the love in my heart alive.

I'll keep you posted on the process.

And speaking of Music For The Heart, Book One, Hold Me, will be released on September 15. I can't wait for you to read Joey and Teva's story. Teasers, cover reveal, and excerpts will be popping up on my social media channels until the release.

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