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Oh no! More mistakes?

I was having some issues with my Kindle Unlimited (KU) account so downloaded Destiny into my library to see what was going on (I'm still working on resolving the problem with Amazon. They've been great so far). While at it, I figured I may as well read through the manuscript on my iPad, same as a reader would, to check the entire script. And what did I find? Not only a few missing words, but a missing chapter! What? How could this be? It must've happened during the formatting process. Ah, to live and learn.

So, I continued to read the novel with a notebook next to me, jotting down errors as I discovered them. I corrected them then reformatted and re-uploaded the book on Amazon this past week. I also asked Amazon to resend the script to readers who had purchased the novel. They deserve to have the entire manuscript. (If you purchased or are reading the novel on KU and are missing Chapter 13, please email me and I will get it to you!)

It is times like this when I want to say, "When can I move on to the next task in front of me without having to constantly go back to things I thought were completed?"

That is a loaded question. To me it says a lot about life. I must continue to move forward, but does it mean I should lose sight of those things in my past as well? There is always more work to do, be it mental, emotional, and/or physical.

I was so upset about these mistakes, it kept me awake for most of the night because I wanted to fix the problem ASAP and get it resolved. That is my personality. Things need to be done now.

The following morning after I had taken care of what I could with Amazon, I stepped back from the situation and contemplated the idea that as horrible as I felt that the script wasn't in "perfect" form after so many edits, in some ways, it was a blessing because when has anything ever been perfect? Perfection doesn't exist, as I've said in former blog posts. Each experience is a new opportunity to look at something from a different perspective.

If I re-read the script right now, will I find more mistakes? Probably. But for now, I'll accept that I did what I could do to remedy the situation as best as I could and move on to reading Purity. Yes, my feeling is if I found mistakes in book one, books two and three will most likely have some as well. Then again, maybe not. I'll soon find out.

What I've (re)learned from this experience is that tasks can get exhausting and sometimes I want to throw in the towel, be done, and move on, but like the quote above says, "I didn't come this far to only come this far." This applies to all aspects of life.

Let's not strive for perfection-something we will never achieve, as difficult as this may be for some people to accept. Instead, let's strive for perseverance. The reward will be so much more fulfilling and doable.

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