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Why Write Erotica?

Can you imagine not being in the mind of a character when that kiss takes place? Being an avid lover of romance, I enjoy creating characters who fall in love and live happily ever after amidst all the struggles they go through as a couple. Relationships, like anything else in life, take work. So why not just write a romance novel? Because to thoroughly get into the minds of my characters, I feel the need to go behind closed doors with them, exposing their vulnerabilities, their desires, their feelings, all of it. I want readers to experience everything that takes place in the characters' minds and lives. I believe the only way to effectively do that is to put it all out there, without holding anything back. That's why I choose to write erotica, because it works for me. I love to read it and I love to write it. The best kisses are felt. How else to feel these magical moments than to be in the mind of the person experiencing them? Isn't love grand?

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