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Writing is My Drug of Choice

Writing is not only my passion but has also become my way of dealing with the stress of everyday life. For me, there's nothing like escaping to the world of love and romance to open my heart and give my revolving door of thoughts the well-deserved break they need. I find it's all about maintaining balance; hence, Diversity - Book Three in the Hilltops Series. I just finished doing content edits. The book provides lots of food for thought as far as spreading myself too thin, something I do all too well. So, I'm in a reflective mode right now while also dealing with unexpected challenges life has thrown my way. Reflect on healthy ways to cope in spite of the many bricks life seems to toss at us. For me, in addition to feeling my feelings and talking about them (the part I'm not too fond of), I find romance writing is and always has been extremely helpful to calm and inspire me but the list is endless. As long as it feels good, doesn't harm you or others, doesn't shield or block you from dealing with and feeling your feelings, it's a winner in my book ;) I'd love to hear your thoughts. Reach out via my Contact Link!

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