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Me, Shy?

For the most part, I am shy by nature. So it's funny I dove into writing erotic romance because other than the F-Bomb, which has unfortunately become a part of my everyday vocabulary since my heroes seem so fond of using the word and I'm always writing in their POV (point-of-view), the other doozies I put to paper are almost never uttered from my lips, some of them never, no way, unless it's for the sole purpose of writing. It's ironic how when I'm in creative mode, nothing fazes me. I can say it all, totally immerse myself in whichever particular character's mind I'm in. But as soon as I step out of that person's head, I become Faith again, easily embarrassed, private. My husband loves to tease me that it's the quiet ones who you have to watch out for. I guess in my case, he's right. I pretty much keep to myself, introverted in many respects, spiritual. I have my small circle of trust intact, those who mean the world to me and more than satisfy my social needs, but boy do I have a wild imagination. There's no limit to how far I'm willing to go when creating my stories and there's nothing I love writing about more than romance, passion, and hot sex between my characters. The best part is I don't have to act or play my character's live on a stage. Holy cow, the thought alone has me blushing and fills me with anxiety. I think I'll just continue along the path I'm on. I can write to my heart's content, say it all, then share it with you, all while remaining hidden away from the spotlight.

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