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Say What?

I blush simply thinking about reading a juicy scene from one of my books out loud. With that being said, I think each heroine I create has a part of me in her, whether it's Jordin Turner's psychoanalytical way of looking at things - something I am guilty of, I love to therapize situations; Emily's passion for erotic romance - I'm always reading romance fiction; or Allie's spunkiness and nonjudgmental attitude - I absolutely love sarcasm and do my best to accept people for who they are on the inside, where it counts the most. Each one of my girls gives my readers a glimpse of my inner spirit. And would I want to spend a night with Noah, Derek, or Mitch Dorian? Hell yes. My husband's okay with it too since they don't actually exist (little does he know, in my mind they do). They are sexy, confident, strong, and sensitive men. Yummy! There's no shame in admitting this and yes, even saying it out loud, which is why this genre fascinates me. These types of stories take me away, giving me a slight reprieve from the stressors of everyday life, especially when I'm writing them because during those times I get to live the fantasy by being inside my characters' minds as I enter their worlds.

I found a journal in a store this week. The cover read., "Dreamer, Writer, Storyteller." Need I say more? These three words describe who I am at my core. I am a storyteller who uses writing as a way to share the dreams I come up with in my mind. I can honestly say writing has been a life-changer for me. It allows me to bring all of my imaginary friends to life and share them with others. How cool is that?

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