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A Kitchen Sink?

Twenty-One Pilots is one of my favorite bands, hence, I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to them. Kitchen Sink happens to be one of my favorite songs by them, its meaning deep. For me, I interpret it as our perceptions of things right in front of us. I find it amazing how two people can look at the exact same thing and see something completely different, yes, even a kitchen sink.

This week has been brutal for me emotionally, most of it due to dealing with my dad's Alzheimer's. As great as I think I am at looking at things from a logical standpoint, the emotional part of me kicks my butt. As a result, I am utterly exhausted, have become somewhat introspective and closed-off, and am having difficulty editing, which I know is temporary whereas someone else might be totally unaffected by dealing with these same emotions.

Music is such a powerful healer for me. The music I choose to listen to on a daily basis reflects my internal state of affairs. This week happens to be a Twenty-One Pilots kind of week. If you know their music, you'll understand where I'm coming from. If not, check them out. Their lyrics are real and to the core. Fortunately, I know that like everything else, these feelings I'm experiencing at the moment will pass.

I used to be a preschool teacher and loved the book, Going on a Bear Hunt. I use its message as a metaphor for dealing with life's challenges. We can't go over them. We can't go under them. We have to go through them. Well, right now I'm in the process of going through the tall grass, the river, and the mud but know in the end, I will get home where its safe and sound. Music makes this trek easier for me.

As I reflect back over the past week I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I can be here for both of my parents during this difficult transition period and also feel pride that book two, Purity, has been released. What perfect timing, huh? It's amazing how things always seem to work out that way.

Be open. Be grateful. But most importantly, take care of and be true to yourself.

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