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Cheers to Being Imperfect!

Being the perfectionist I usually am makes accepting imperfection a challenging feat. This past week has given me the perfect opportunity to face this trait head-on. I did a Blog Tour for Destiny, inviting a variety of bloggers to review book one in the Hilltops Series. These people don't know me personally so have nothing to lose by being honest. I provided them with copies of the manuscript to get truthful feedback. So far, the reviews have been amazing which I should be jumping for joy about. Yet, my mind chooses to focus on the few four-star reviews rather than the rave five-star reviews. As a result, I feel a sense of disappointment. What a lot of pressure to put on myself.

The bottom line is perfection doesn't exist. It's an unrealistic expectations I place upon myself about how things "should" be. Damn, how incredible would it be to have that much power where I'd be able to control everything and everyone around me? I'd wear that superhero cape any day. Actually, no I wouldn't. Again, unrealistic and way too much pressure.

As always, I view every experience in life as a lesson to learn from, with this Blog Tour being no different. Would I love for every person out there to give me a perfect review? Hell yes! Is that realistic? Hell no.

So, as I continue to read each review sent to me, I will smile wide with the knowledge that I put my heart and soul into writing Destiny (as well as all of my other manuscripts) and bare in mind that my goal as a writer is to share my passion with others so they can enjoy the journey I take them on. And just like with anything else in life, there will be lovers and there will be haters. Thank goodness I haven't heard from any haters yet. That would probably send me to therapy for a week.

The truth of the matter is - the reviews are just that, reviews. They have nothing to do with me as a person or as a writer. Rather, they represent one person's opinion - not the entire population of the United States (keeping things in perspective). Putting myself out there as a writer opens me up to a variety of opinions; therefore, placing the vulnerability target dead center over my heart. Shit! What have I gotten myself into?

It's all good. I'd rather be perfectly imperfect and follow my dreams than live a life in fear and never take a risk.

Let's be okay with being perfectly imperfect in all aspects of our lives. What a lot less pressure we would put on ourselves if we truly did so.

Cheers to being perfectly imperfect!

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