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If Only...

Sometimes I wish I could. But then that wouldn't be living. Life is all about ups and downs.

It feels like everyday I am put to the test in one way or another. And each day, I fight the "battle" in front of me and continue to trudge forward. Some days its easier than others, depending on where I'm at emotionally.

But I try as best as I can to act and not react. Reacting gets me nowhere. Action gets me far. But in all honestly, it gets exhausting and draining after a while when it seems like there's constantly things which have to be attended to and taken care of. And me, being the solution-oriented type of person I am, I keep my tool belt on 24/7, always ready for repairs. I guess that's part of being a wife and a mother, as I said in last week's blog.

To help keep the balance and maintain my sanity, I write, write, and write some more. Writing is not only my passion, it has become a necessity in my life. It makes me feel alive, spirited, and euphoric. It is something I do by myself for myself,a form of therapy, if you will. It brings me into the moment where I can detach from everything else going on around me and slip away into the world of my characters. For me, there's nothing else like it, other than reading, another love of mine. As long as I don't ignore my real-world responsibilities and loved ones, I will continue to nurture, develop, and hone my skills as a writer. It's become a must for me to do so.

I believe each one of us has a light inside which we must keep ignited, something which makes us feel whole that we can't get from others. I feel blessed to have found mine. Don't get me wrong, my husband, my children, my dogs, family members, and other outside factors light me in ways nothing else can. What I'm speaking about is that internal sense of gratification we get by doing things we enjoy and taking care of ourselves. Things which have nothing to do with outside influences.

As long as I consciously work on maintaining balance in my life and taking care of my needs, I will better be able to handle the dodge balls and curve balls life seems to throw at me on a daily basis.

Take care of yourself. Nobody else can do it for you.

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