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I had dinner with a close friend and she asked me what I changed about myself, that something looked different. I shrugged because I couldn't think of anything. No haircut, no make up, just me.

Great sex with the husband? Yes, she dared to go there but I didn't mind. With this friend I can share anything so it didn't faze me. But in answer to her question, nope. My wonderful hubby had left early for work and I hadn't seen him all day.

She said I glowed. A wonderful compliment.

Then it dawned on me. I have been writing a new book for a new series and editing my rockers. When I started telling her about the goings-on with all of this I couldn't help but beam with pride from head to toe. She saw my sparkle as soon as we sat down, before I even spoke about the new stuff in the works which made me realize just how important writing is in my life. It fills me, it feeds my soul, it lights my spirit, it gives me purpose. It makes me feel like I can move mountains and the best part, it has nothing to do with approval from others. It's something I feel so impassioned about I want to share it. I want to connect with people on a deeper and more meaningful level. Superficiality? Blah! No thanks. I'm all about being real.

So as I hugged my friend goodnight, she told me to go home and write.

You know what, I think I'll take her on on that brilliant suggestion because emotionally I'm going through stuff, as usual, but when I lose myself in writing, it enables me to balance the negative with the positive. It recharges me.

What feeds your soul? What lets you shine so brightly others can see it? Think about it, we all have something. Let's embrace our special gifts and share them. It's a win-win for all.

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