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Bad Moms

First of all, hello Justin Hartley. Saw Bad Moms Christmas last night at a Pure Romance Event hosted by a friend - she sells toys and other fun stuff for the bedroom - and he stars in the movie. No words to speak. The rowdy and some drunk women literally cheered for him. Just sayin', he's something to feast your eyes on.

With that out of the way, being inside a theater filled with a group of unknowns, I knew very few, I saw how different I am as Faith the person from Faith the writer. Here I was at an event where sex and toys were discussed as freely as the flavor of creamer I had put in my coffee earlier in the day, yet my face burned with shyness. I literally got embarrassed saying the name of one of the toys my friend got in her goodie bag. This coming from a person who writes explicit sex scenes.

How is that possible?

When I am writing from a particular character's point of view, I become fully immersed in that character's mindset. In a sense, I become the character. So when certain words are spoken or situations are described, it is the character saying or describing them.

It has shown me how much I truly seperate myself from my characters. Yes, I create them, but they take on a life of their own. Do we have similarities? Of course we do. I want to create heros and heroines I can respect and fall in love with so my morals and values about being a good person come into play. I hope that's reflected in my work.

Being an introvert by nature, being in large crowds isn't something I'm fond of - dependng on the circumstances of course.

I stepped out of my comfort zone by attending the event last night, especially without my husband in tow. Of course he wasn't inivited. Women only. For the most part, I'll only attend social events if he comes with me. Hence, the circumstances I mentioned above. Being with him makes everything seem better. He's my rock in settings that make me feel anxious or uncomfortable. My journey is easier with him by my side. And it's because of his encouragement that I take some of these risks. (I love you, honey!)

Here's to stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something new and different. It's not always easy. For me, it usually isn't.

It's interesting how different people see things. The women in the theater seemed to be having a blast. I too laughed and chatted. But on the inside, I'll be honest and say it wasn't a joyride. But I did it anyway. That's the important thing. Feel the discomfort and push through it. I didn't attend the after-event at a nearby bar. That was too much of a stretch for me. But I give myself credit for taking a small step and trying something new. It's all about the effort made and our attitude about the outcome.

Let's reward ourselves for the small accomplishments we make in life. They do add up!

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