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In the words of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, "I want it now!"

I want to write!

I want to edit!

I want to create and disappear into the minds of my characters!

But I have to wait, take a pause.


I will have the opportunity to do what I love soon enough. But right now, my husband needs me to help manage the business, which leaves little time for anything else, especially focused editing and writing.

It is only temporary. It is not forever. I have to keep reiterating this to myself.

My inner writer is kicking and screaming in protest.

She has to wait. Family comes first. As does the family business. It puts food on the table and keeps the lights on in the house. It also allows me the privilege of having spare time to write to begin with.

I, for one, am not keen on change but it is an inevitable part of life.

In the meantime, I am reading, reading, and reading some more prior to bedtime. Romance fills me whether it's reading it or writing it.

If it were up to me, I'd be finishing up edits on Eternity, the Hilltops novella, as well as doing final proofs on my Music For the Heart Series. But, in life, most things are out of our control. My current situation being one of them. I view it as my characters being on "vacation." They'll be ready to get back to work soon enough. I miss them desperately and can't wait to see them again. I know they'll be ready to pick up where we left off when the time presents itself.

Here's to accepting things beyond our control. So much that we face in our daily lives is, other than our responses/reactions to the events. So, along with my characters, I'm trying to look at this period as a mini-vacation from being an author rather than a "I'll never have time to write again." Yes, I can be overly extreme in my thinking. It's something I work on. This being the perfect example for me to see the gray in a situation.

Cheers to the color gray! Black and white may look awesome in clothing but they stink when it comes to thinking.

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