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Time... Where does it go?

One day you're a child, the next day you have your own.

One day you're looking to adults for support,

the next day you're providing it to those around you.


It seems to fly by the older you get,

memories of the past, certain ones you try to forget.

Both good and bad, some memories will fade,

others are a constant reminder, forever replayed.

Except in my father's case.

Time has given him 88 years of memories,

most of which he now has no clue.

A spark of recognition,

sometimes an I love you.

A little smile here or there,

some grumbles, words - stories he can no longer share.

What a cruel trick of nature,

to wipe out a lifetime of experiences one has lived through.

It's torture of the very worst kind!

A punishment for not only the sufferer, but for the friends and family too.

Time is so precious,

hold on to each day.

Embrace those around you,

because there may come a time when like my dad, the memories will all fade away.

This is where I'm at, contemplating/balancing life, my family, work, writing - it feels like I'm getting hit from all sides.

It can be overwhelming, but I'm taking it one day at a time, because the feelings are abundant, too strong to hide.

Time can't be replaced once it is gone,

So I must be grateful for the memories still alive and well inside me.

The good and bad have shaped who I am today. Sure, there are some I'd love to forget and pretend never took place, but at least I can choose to give them power in my mind. My father has lost that choice.

Let's appreciate life's experiences, time, and each other. The minute we live in is really all we have. Be grateful and savior the memories - for one day, like my dad's, they may no longer be with us.

Here's to cherishing time and memories.

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