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Losing my father to Alzheimer's on me and my husband 23rd anniversary was definitely a life changer. As I said at his funeral (actually my hubby read my words of endearment as I was too emotional), I took my father's passing on that particular day as a message from him that the longevity of his and my mother's marriage should inspire me and my husband to follow in their footsteps, stick together through the thick and thin. My father was one to look at the cup as half-full. A very spiritual man.

I've spent most of the last week mourning in isolation. I began to meditate again to try and get myself refocused. As difficult as it is to have lost a parent, my life must still go on. I must still move forward.

The craziest thing happened over the last 2 days. I've become totally inspired to write again. Something that has been on hiatus for the last several weeks due to work conflicts at my day job and my father's progressing illness.

I finished editing book three last night in my Music For The Heart Series, and am finishing reviewing book two. It will be done today.

My original goal to publish the series in June/July will remain intact (barring any obstacles I encounter along the way).

But wait, more change is taking place as well. My publisher, Loose Id, will be closing their doors on May 7th. It's a happy/sad reality for me. They gave me a shot and took a risk at publishing my first trilogy and for that I am forever grateful. The connections I made because of them has been life-changing.

With this upcoming change, ownership of my Hilltops Series will revert back to me on May 15th. The trilogy will be temporarily removed from the marketplace on May 7th. I will re-release the series myself. Whew! It's a bit scary.

The benefit of this is I will have more say in giveaways, promos, etc. I will also have the opportunity to release the books on Amazon Prime, which I think is a huge benefit to my readers who subscribe to that service.

I will soon become a self-published author instead of a publisher's author. Yikes! Another huge change with a big learning curve.

Lots of changes taking place in my life but with these changes, I am trying to find clarity and get back on track. I guess the one thing we can all be certain of in life is change. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad.

Today I am choosing to move forward. I know my dad would want me to do that. I know he is watching over me and encouraging me to continue to walk through my fears - the ones my mind conjures up about way too many things on a daily basis.

Here's to finding our direction and inner-strength in the midst of life changes.

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