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It's been a while since I've done a blog post. The reason: mourning the loss of my father has left me feeling somewhat withdrawn from social outlets. I know it will pass. Like people, grief takes many shapes and forms. Mine has been to pull back, isolate in a sense.

With that being said, there's lots going on with my Hilltops Series. It will be pulled from the market on May 15, as Loose Id is closing their doors. I will re-release the books in June. They are all getting a face lift too. I've done (still doing) edits and revisions, more to my style, a style the publisher had certain restrictions against. Story lines are the same, no changes there. Again, just style.

My Music For the Heart Series will be ready to release in June as well. I had decided to hold back from releasing the trilogy when I found out Loose Id was closing because Hilltops characters are referenced in one of the books. I learned I wasn't allowed to join the two worlds while under contract with them. I was so bummed and thought I'd have to do revisions. Nope, now I can merge the two universes. Yay!

Back to my point, I once said in a blog that a goal without a deadline is only a dream. So in the midst of my emotional state and working hard at my husband's office, I'm diligently editing. And if the books are released a week later, that's okay. Shit happens. Losing my father was something I knew would occur, but didn't know when. Sadly, it happened rather quickly and unexpectedly.

The message I'm trying to get across is that we never know what people are feeling. I put on a good front, as I've said many times in blogs. I hide my feelings well. But on the inside, I'm a mess right now. I don't say this to get sympathy. I say it to let others know they are not alone. We all go through stuff. We all face challenges. That is life.

Let's be kind to each other and not judge. People, friends, and possibly relatives may think I'm acting bitchy at the present time or ignoring them. The truth is I'm hurting inside and don't want to have superficial chitchat. I'm not in that place yet. I have an inner circle that knows what I'm going through and they are giving me the support I need.

Remember, we're never alone even though we may feel as such. Reach out for support when it's needed. And last but not least, don't judge the exterior of people. You never know what's going on in their lives.

In the words of Jerry Springer, take care of yourselves and each other. In the words of Faith Starr, take care of ourselves and each other.

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