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Kick Fear In The Ass!

My 9 year old had a speech to present at school today. He was very nervous, reciting the words repeatedly last night. He complained his stomach hurt, said he didn't want to do it, and told me he didn't have it memorized. He did because I heard him recite it. I explained to him that the best way to overcome fear is to face it. He argued that I didn't understand.

Needless to say, he nailed it. He told me afterward it was no big deal.

I do understand my son's worry because today I officially uploaded Destiny on Amazon, all by myself. Hence, I think I kicked ass because it's something I have never done before and it was a tedious process. I only hope I did it correctly and readers can find it. Sad and funny at the same time, but true. It takes up to 3 days to get on their site. I'll keep watching for it.

The paperback version, on the other hand, is posing a challenge. That process will take a bit longer to figure out.

I can also say I understand my son's worry because like him, I too have had physical symptoms due to the worry over getting these books revised and ready for publication, working on six at once, plus the novella - Eternity. It's been absolute madness. And let me not leave out I also work for my husband. So when my little one says I don't understand anticipatory anxiety, he's mistaken.

Like every other fearful situation in life, we either run from it, which only makes it grow bigger, or we face it, which sometimes sucks but at least we can say we did it once on the other side.

With an ass that does feel kicked from stress, I still say we kick ass when we face our fears.

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